We Value Our Employees' Health

Nurse Practitioner On Site

On-Site Gym/Training

On-Site Health Screenings

Fit From Our Employees Up

SmartPractice takes our employees' health as seriously as the practices we serve. We provide an environment that encourages health and promotes opportunities to improve each individual's quality of life. Whether they use our corporate-office fitness center, or participate in our on-site health screenings and wellness clinic, our employees have ample resources to stay healthy and happy. Additionally, our offices hold a strict tobacco free policy as an extension of our belief in physical wellness.

Fit From Our Employees Up

Industry Leading Benefits

In addition to rewarding work, our employees enjoy a comprehensive benefits package. Our dress policy is tailored to meet the requirements of the job, environment and the customers we serve. We know that comfortable employees are happy employees, so we offer a work environment that generally allows individuals to dress casually throughout the year.

We're always reviewing our benefit options to make sure they're competitive and offer our employees the most value. You'll find we have everything you'd expect and then some!

Workplace Benefits

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